Sunday, 12 February 2017

Goals for the future

This post is just about what my goals are for the future for example,  the biggest and most important goal to me is to get my mobility back, it's not that simple though and this is going to be a long and tough journey,  but I know that the energy that I would use on being upset about not being able to do stuff, I can use towards the energy of working towards my goals. Most of my goals are all physio related like to be able to do things more independently and get my mobility back is something that I'm really working towards but I do have a few other goals also, such as I want to regain my singing voice, my voice was affected with nerve damage from the surgery and I now struggle to hit certain notes, I find the lower notes easier than the higher so a goal is to regain my voice and be able to hit a wide range of notes as singing is something I'm passionate about. I think it's been good for me to set myself a goal as then it gives me something to focus on instead of getting caught up in all the horrible thoughts such as "I can't walk", "I want to walk", "my singing sounds weird", I can focus on achieving the goals rather than getting upset. I wanted to write about this to  kind of show people that even though you might have a goal that seems too hard, don't let yourself get upset because that energy should be used to concentrate on achieving the goal rather than getting upset about it.