Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nordoff Robbins music therapy

As a result of surgery I wasn't only left partially paralysed but my voice was affected also because of nerve damage, when I came out of surgery my voice was very monotone and had no tone or pitch, this really hit me hard as I have always loved singing and aspired to be a singer and when I sang after surgery I sounded strange - it was heartbreaking. I did music therapy in the hospital with an amazing Nordoff Robbins music therapist and this helped me to regain a bit of my singing voice and helped me to be able to hit different notes again, I couldn't bear for anyone except for Bev(my fab music therapist) to hear me sing, I knew Bev understood me and wouldn't judge me for how I sounded, when I sang with her I felt confident and it was just amazing to be back singing and doing something I loved again, it made me so happy and it was something for me to focus on and to look forward to whilst having treatment. I can't thank Nordoff Robbins enough for being there and helping me during my stay in the hospital whilst I was receiving lots of treatment. Its not just the singing that has helped me, music is my escape, when I'm feeling down music never fails to cheer me up, especially if it's one of my fave artists- put on a Justin Bieber orTaylor Swift song and I'll immediately have a smiley (oops I was thinking of Miley haha) on my face and start singing my heart out, sometimes it helps to just listen to the music and lose yourself in the music but singing along with it I find can be very helpful to just get lost in a song, music really can change lives. Please watch and share this video of my story to help raise awareness and money, donate if you can thankyou!

Monday, 14 November 2016

More chemo side effects

Unfortunately another side effect of chemo is that it can change your taste, so at the moment I've gone off a lot of things that I used to love, I'll eat something and say it tastes weird and I'm finding it very hard to decide what I want because I never know how things will taste. For example, if you knew me before you'll know that I absolutely loved chocolate but now I don't eat it anymore as it tastes a bit like it's burnt, I hate this side effect because it restricts what I eat and makes it difficult fir us to know what food to buy or cook because something I used to love last year might taste completely different now, I'm hoping that when I finish chemo I will start to get back onto foods that I have gone off as it can be a pain when I'm the only one who doesn't like something or If We buy  something and I taste it and say no it tastes weird, just another annoying side effect of chemo