Wednesday, 27 July 2016



It's very hard to say positive when you're in  an extremely negative situation, I have kind of managed to stay positive most of the time but I have allowed myself to have down time as well and let myself just cry, which I would advise anyone in a bad situation to do as I think it really does help to let your feelings out sometimes and tell someone how you're feeling. A lot of things have helped me stay positive, such as family & friends but something that has helped is that someone told me to try and find a positive in every negative, for example, it's not ideal that I'm stuck in a hospital bed in my living room, but this means that my pets can jump on anytime for a cuddle. There are a few things that have been very hard to try and make positive, such as the fact I can't walk, I struggle with this every day and am always thinking about how I just want to walk but this all gives me more motivation for physio and I try to always say to myself that I can't walk now but I will walk again. So for anyone in an awful situation I really think that trying to find a positive in every negative helps and I advise that you try to do this because it will help you to see things in a positive light.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Inspirational girl

My fab friend Holly aka Holldog asked if she could do a guest post on my blog and of course I said yes as she is amazing at writing. So here we go...

Despite the things Evie has been through in the past few months, never have I ever seen so much courage, strength and bravery in person, never mind a 17 year old girl. Although it can be difficult not seeing Evie as much, she is still always there making us all laugh on our group chat and through snapchat (our snap streak is still going very strong)and so we try our best to keep her company through our phones at the times we can't see her in person. But mainly its Evie still keeping us company and making us laugh daily. It still amazes me the amount of things she does without complaint and the motivation she has for things such as physio, as she knows its what she needs to get stronger- and it inspires me to not take a lot of the small things in life for granted. Her positivity is the key to her recovery and hopefully we as friends help her remain positive and cheer her up whenever possible. We all love her to bits and couldn't be prouder of all her achievements and her amazing spirit that keeps herself and us all going. 

Friday, 1 July 2016


I wanted to write a post explaining something that's been on my mind a lot throughout this whole experience. I think a lot of people don't understand that there's so much more to having  cancer than illness and there's so much more depth to it. Like its not just that I have cancer in general , there's also small things that come with this experience such as the fact I can't use my whole left side. There are lots of things that have changed for me or happened to me  as a result of cancer and not just the fact that I had a weird lump on my brain, for example I no longer am able to go to the toilet without help. I miss being able to do simple things like even emptying the dishwasher and I wish I could have my life back however all of this is more motivation for physio