Wednesday, 27 July 2016



It's very hard to say positive when you're in  an extremely negative situation, I have kind of managed to stay positive most of the time but I have allowed myself to have down time as well and let myself just cry, which I would advise anyone in a bad situation to do as I think it really does help to let your feelings out sometimes and tell someone how you're feeling. A lot of things have helped me stay positive, such as family & friends but something that has helped is that someone told me to try and find a positive in every negative, for example, it's not ideal that I'm stuck in a hospital bed in my living room, but this means that my pets can jump on anytime for a cuddle. There are a few things that have been very hard to try and make positive, such as the fact I can't walk, I struggle with this every day and am always thinking about how I just want to walk but this all gives me more motivation for physio and I try to always say to myself that I can't walk now but I will walk again. So for anyone in an awful situation I really think that trying to find a positive in every negative helps and I advise that you try to do this because it will help you to see things in a positive light.

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