Saturday, 29 October 2016

Make A Wish

I already knew of make a wish before everything so when I was diagnosed I asked if I would be eligible for one and if So could I be put forward, someone from the hospital managed to sort it out for me but when I told people what I would like my wish to be they all thought I was crazy as it seemed a bit out of reach and far fetched as my wish was to meet Justin Bieber because I have loved and supported him since the beginning of his career and I've been to every tour of his and am just completely obsessed. 2 People from make a wish came to the house and after sharing all the Bieber facts I know and telling them about my love for Justin it was decided that that had to be my wish! For a while we didn't hear anything about it and then one day I got a phone call telling me the most amazing news ever that Justin's management had told make a wish a date that I could meet Justin, this was the best news ever and I cried for hours after hearing the news as I've been a belieber since the beginning and justin has helped me through some tough times especially these past few months and it was just the most amazing news to be told ever and I couldn't believe it was finally happening, 

On  Wednesday 26th October my wish was granted, I was extremely excited and couldn't believe it was actually happening, we had stayed in a hotel the night before  so I had some chill time so I wasn't too tired. We also did a bit of shopping and on Wednesday morning I had a makeover all ready for Justin and make a wish gave us expenses for food & drink so we had lunch out - I refused to have garlic as I wanted to smell good for Justin! We then went back to the hotel and I had a little rest so I wasn't too tired for the exciting night ahead, we rolled (I don't say walk I say roll) to the arena where we met the lovely make a wish girl and I was very excited! Sammi-Jo (the make a wish rep) rang someone and they told us to wait in the box office and they'd come to get us, after waiting for a while a lovely woman came down and said that she would send someone else down for us, he (Rhy) came to see us and explained that we would probably be meeting Justin after the show, so Rhy took us to our seats and said he'd come for us just before the last song then left us to it, we got some merchandise and then watched the show, which was amazing!! Justin's concerts just get better every time and he always puts on an amazing show! It got to the last song which was the encore, Rhy came for us and said he'd take us nearer to the front to watch the last one then we'd go backstage, the last song was Sorry and it was fab, I sang and danced my heart out! After that, we got taken to a room and told that Justin would be coming soon

After a few minutes the door opened and we heard this cute Canadian accent say hey and someone turned my wheelchair around and he was there, I was freaking out inside but managed to stay as calm as possible, even when he told me that I have nice eyebrows (to which I responded "you have a nice face") Justin was so calming and lovely that I just managed to chill although I did ask if I could touch him to check he was real and he held my hand (OMG) I gave Justin a present that I'd made for him(a scrapbook showing how I've be been there from the beginning and how he's been there for me during this tough time. He told my mum that he'd read every single page. He gave me the biggest and best hug ever and we chatted for a little while and we were asking each other questions, he was so lovely and caring, I knew he'd be lovely anyway I've always said it when people said to me I hope he's nice and I said I know he will be! No matter what the press say about him I've always seen the real him he's just a normal guy who's absolutely lovely and so kind and caring, he even gave me a bag full of merchandise! And he signed a few things for me which was fab, When he left the room I was very sad and now that it's over I've been crying and saying I just want to relive it all but I know that can't happen but I've got the memory forever..and the fab pictures! I've framed one of the pictures and it's up in my living room which is still my bedroom so  I can look at it all the time! I had the most amazing time and it was the best day of my life 

A massive thankyou to Make A Wish for putting lots of hard work into  making my wish amazing and the biggest thankyou ever to Justin my love, for granting my wish and being the most amazing person ever and for always being there, Justin has got me through this and I was the happiest girl ever on Wednesday and can't thank him enough! From laying on the radiotherapy table with a picture of Justin whilst listening to his music everyday for 6 weeks, to actually finally meeting him!!! Much love for the Biebs 💜💜💜

me &  the love of my life 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Neuroplasticity is the skill that the brain has to be able to change itself by creating new neural connections. It enables neurons in the brain to counteract for disease and injury and alter their reaction to new circumstances or changes in environment. My brain will need to use this skill and create new connections for my left side. 

Doing physio  helps this as it will send messages to my brain that my left side is doing something and is learning new ways to do it, I'm doing physio everyday, a few times a week with physiotherapists and me and Mum do it everyday as even simple things like going to the toilet and getting in the bath is physio because of the transfers, the brain will eventually create the new ways that are needed in order to be able to get my left side back, I know that this will take a long time but I have to be patient and know that I will get there as long as I keep up my hard work doing physio, this is the hardest thing for me as I grieve the loss of my left side but knowing that I will get there one day helps and motivates me even more for physio.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Double Vision

I realised I hadn't written about my double vision and why I have to wear glasses now as I didn't before being diagnosed, As the tumour was on the right side of my brain, I have double vision in my right eye as the eyes don't do the right controlling left crossover, I have been to opthormology and had tests and they have stuck something called a prism on the right side lense of my glasses and as if by magic, I don't see double with it and believe me this is miles better than looking like a pirate as for months I wore an eye patch over my right eye, the double vision is rarely here now and seems to come back when I'm very tired but wearing my glasses really helps, when my double vision was really bad I said to my Mum that she had 4 eye bags instead of 2 (she didn't appreciate this lol) This is just another thing to add to my list of problems, but at least we found some cool glasses that I don't mind wearing and it can be resolved by wearing the prism. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Cancer In the Media

Something that I find annoying is the way that cancer/the life of a cancer patient is portrayed in the media, it tends to be shown in a completely different way  to how it actually is in real life, this is quite annoying  as if it's  shown unrealistically this means that people may believe that how it is shown in books/films/tv shows is what it is actually like in real life when it really isn't. I think that the media needs to illustrate realistically the life of a cancer patient because a lot of people don't seem to understand how hard it actually is, There are many things that need to be shown from  not leaving the house because of neutropenia or because you don't want to be seen in a wheelchair to the constant fatigue and sickness that nobody sees or understands. I want to be able to show people this and explain so others can kind of understand as I feel like people need to be taught. 

Saturday, 1 October 2016


Something I think that people can find hard to understand is my left sided hemiparesis, it is basically exactly like having a stroke, my whole left side is weak and I'm unable to do things like I used to for example I can't walk and am restricted to a bed or a wheelchair, I can only use my right hand to do things and I'm just completely different to how I was before, I never expected this and it was such a shock after surgery but I'm building my strength up and slowly but surely getting my left side back. It is going to take a long time and I will have to work extremely hard but I'm determined to be back on my feet and using my left arm as soon as possible so physio is my main focus and I work very hard as all I want is to be able to do things normally again.