Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Neuroplasticity is the skill that the brain has to be able to change itself by creating new neural connections. It enables neurons in the brain to counteract for disease and injury and alter their reaction to new circumstances or changes in environment. My brain will need to use this skill and create new connections for my left side. 

Doing physio  helps this as it will send messages to my brain that my left side is doing something and is learning new ways to do it, I'm doing physio everyday, a few times a week with physiotherapists and me and Mum do it everyday as even simple things like going to the toilet and getting in the bath is physio because of the transfers, the brain will eventually create the new ways that are needed in order to be able to get my left side back, I know that this will take a long time but I have to be patient and know that I will get there as long as I keep up my hard work doing physio, this is the hardest thing for me as I grieve the loss of my left side but knowing that I will get there one day helps and motivates me even more for physio.

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