Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Double Vision

I realised I hadn't written about my double vision and why I have to wear glasses now as I didn't before being diagnosed, As the tumour was on the right side of my brain, I have double vision in my right eye as the eyes don't do the right controlling left crossover, I have been to opthormology and had tests and they have stuck something called a prism on the right side lense of my glasses and as if by magic, I don't see double with it and believe me this is miles better than looking like a pirate as for months I wore an eye patch over my right eye, the double vision is rarely here now and seems to come back when I'm very tired but wearing my glasses really helps, when my double vision was really bad I said to my Mum that she had 4 eye bags instead of 2 (she didn't appreciate this lol) This is just another thing to add to my list of problems, but at least we found some cool glasses that I don't mind wearing and it can be resolved by wearing the prism. 

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