Monday, 14 November 2016

More chemo side effects

Unfortunately another side effect of chemo is that it can change your taste, so at the moment I've gone off a lot of things that I used to love, I'll eat something and say it tastes weird and I'm finding it very hard to decide what I want because I never know how things will taste. For example, if you knew me before you'll know that I absolutely loved chocolate but now I don't eat it anymore as it tastes a bit like it's burnt, I hate this side effect because it restricts what I eat and makes it difficult fir us to know what food to buy or cook because something I used to love last year might taste completely different now, I'm hoping that when I finish chemo I will start to get back onto foods that I have gone off as it can be a pain when I'm the only one who doesn't like something or If We buy  something and I taste it and say no it tastes weird, just another annoying side effect of chemo 

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