Saturday, 13 August 2016

Teenage Cancer Trust

At the start of my journey with Darren Lee, not having met anyone going through the same as me I felt lonely. 

TCT social events relieved a lot of my anxiety, talking to other teens who were going through the same thing as me made it all seem a bit easier. Like I wasn't alone. I had support and plenty of people to talk to not only at the socials but I got to know other patients on my ward, creating new bonds and friendships.

Each TCT ward has its own teenage cancer trust youth worker, who is very supportive and arrange the socials. Helping in making life in the hospital a little easier and more like home. They are always there for you to talk to and hold activities, to help let go and have some fun every now and then. 

TCT is more than just a  charity but they become very close to you, being there to support you from the start to the finish with your journey with cancer, thank  you TCT ❤

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