Sunday, 22 October 2017

Advice For Scans

I always feel anxious before MRIs  and even though I’ve had plenty of scans now, I still feel the same every time, I’m hoping that this post will help anyone feeling the same. Before a scan, my Mum and I always feel anxious, I guess you could say it’s the fear of the unknown as we worry about the possible outcomes of the scan, but we get through it together. 


These are a few things I have thought of that always help me with anxiety (or scanxiety) before/during a scan

  • Support from someone- I always need someone with me because of my mobility anyway, but having someone there does help. My Mum is always with me, and usually one of my Mums friends will come with us as they know Mum needs the support too. When you know that you’ll have someone with you before, during and after a scan it makes it so much easier. The staff are all lovely and supportive at the hospital I go to, so they’re very helpful also. 
  • Listen to music- In every MRI, I listen to music. Music has always been there for me and has been a great help during this journey, I take a CD to listen to or I ask them to connect my phone as they have special headphones to wear in the MRI. I find it really helpful to close my eyes and sone out to the music, the machine is very noisy though so is a little annoying but you can always ask for the music to be turned up. 
  • Something else I always do, is take something to have with me, for example-I take my own blanket to have over me in the scanner, and it helps to comfort me and keep me warm. I also take my mini cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber, and lay it on the table with me or stand it up on something so I can see him, this may sound crazy but it is helpful as it’s something from home and is comforting, For others who aren’t as crazy as me, I’d suggest taking something like a teddy, or wearing fluffy socks to comfort you. 
  • Mindfulness- this really helps when I’m feeling stressed. There are many different mindfulness exercises, but one that can be helpful during a scan is concentrating on your breathing-I count my breaths or think of a balloon resembling each breath, as I breathe in I imagine the balloon filling up with air and then as I breathe out, all the air is being let out of the balloon. It’s helpful to focus on something that will take your mind off your worries. 

Thankyou to anyone who has took the time to read this post, It might not be helpful for everyone but if I can help even just one person then it’s been worthwhile. 

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