Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Daily routine

Tbh I can't really talk about a daily routine as everyday is so different for me. but there are some things I always do on a daily basis, so I will talk about them, so when I wake up on a morning I wake my Mum who sleeps next to me then we have breakfast, after that I usually go to the toilet(I have to banana board onto a commode) and my Mum will wash me, then dress me(17 year old having to be washed and dressed by her Mum..not fun) Along with having proper physio, I do some with my Mum on a morning usually , things like stretching my core as having a strong core is very important for standing and also we do leg exercises, it is hard work and I always say it's not as fun as the other physio haha but I know that it's important. 4 days a week I have the proper physio in which I do more stretches and work so I'm able to find the middle with my head and stuff to wake up my left side, also I do standing which I love doing as I know that being able to stand well is key to walking/stepping.We also practice banana boarding(I keep talking about this but I'm pretty sure a lot of people will have no idea what I'm talking about) so, a banana board is a small board that I use to slide across to get into my wheelchair and on the commode then back to bed etc. I usually banana board from my right side as it's stronger but recently I've been going from my left side in the hope of mastering it so I can transfer into a car and on and off a stair lift which is hopefully coming soon so I can be back in my bedroom. Also, during the day I usually have some visitors, my Grandma visits everyday and sometimes my friends will visit but obviously not during college times. Family friends will occasionally visit. I love to see people as they lift my spirits and it's a bit more normal for me. Normally during the day I will have some chill time, in this time, I will do stuff such as watch Netflix, colour in, do some crafts or play games on my phone, chill time is very important for me as I need rest and need to save my energy so I can work extremely hard with physio(my favourite activity hehe)

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