Saturday, 25 June 2016


Living with Darren Lee means I need a lot of treatment. I have already endured 30 sessions of radiotherapy and 42 days of chemo. Apart from a little bit of hair loss and soreness around the area that the radiotherapy beam goes in and out I have been managing pretty well. In radiotherapy I had to wear a mask on the front of my face and a clear plastic shell on the back of my head and both were moulded to the exact shape of my head (I looked freaky af) The mask got clipped down to the table so I couldn’t move whilst receiving the treatment, there was a massive metal door that was locked and everyone had to leave the room, tbh it was weird and scary af,, I was pinned down in the room for about 9/10 minutes (3 songs worth) but it wasn’t too bad I got to jam to my fave tunes whilst l laid on what felt like a concrete slab..For my type of cancer , I take chemo tablets (temozolomide) i am currently having a month off chemo before I start 6 months of intense chemo. I’ve had my hair cut shorter and donated my plaits to the little princess trust and if it starts to fall out lots i will just go bald bc yolo.I love my hair but i love living Darren Lee free more and that means having to go through chemo sooo I’m ready to kick ass for another 6 months in the hope of getting better.

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