Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Left Side is not Right

As a result of surgery, I lost movement of my whole left side bc the tumour was on the right side of my brain so they were operating on the right side and right controls left. I will get it back, I’m working very hard with physio a few times a week and there has been flickers in my left side of my hand and leg working, losing my left side has definitely been the worst part of this whole experience, not being able to walk or do things with 2 hands has been really hard for me but knowing that it will come back helps a little. It’s been an awful experience being stuck in bed or a wheelchair which I banana board or am hoisted onto, also not being able to do normal things such as go out with my friends, walk my dogs or walk upstairs to my bedroom (I’m currently sleeping in a hospital bed downstairs) has really affected me as I’ve lost the life that I was living before all this happened and I just wish I could do these things and think of how much I miss them 24/7

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