Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas & New Year

This time of year has always been one of my favourite times, I love the festivities, the decorations, the music and movies and the family time and time to chill and pretty much everything really, obviously this year will be different but we are still managing to keep it fun by making new ways to do things, for example usually every Christmas I'd be the first to wake up,run into my sisters room then we'd both go and wake my Mum up together but instead this year I think we're all sleeping in my room, we always find a way around things. Also I'm looking forward to starting a new year because it will be a fresh start and hopefully will be better than this year, this year has been full of ups and downs, obviously my life completely changed but the good times and many amazing people have kept me going, I think a fresh start will be good for me, just to forget about the past and concentrate on the future, my main focus of 2017 is going to be physio and to just be happy really, To anyone who is reading this have a very Merry  and a Happy New Year :) 

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