Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Finishing Chemo

On November 29th 2016 my 6 months of intense chemo finally finished, I'm glad for it to be over as I hate the side effects of chemo, it's not nice when the thing that's meant to make you better can actually make you feel worse, but you know you have to endure it anyway as the chemo will help you. I think when you finish chemo people think oh that's it, it's not. Just because I've finished treatment doesn't mean that I'm better and also it doesn't mean that the effects of chemo just stop there, hopefully they won't be as bad but  they can still make you feel rubbish, so what now? Well because of the way my mobility was affected, I've still got a lot of rehabilitation and working hard with physio ahead of me- that's going to be my main focus now. Also, I will have an MRI scan in a couple of weeks to check what's going on in my head after chemo, this is very nerve racking for me and my Mum just like every scan is, but the amazing staff who look after me help us through it all. It's worrying as you don't know what the outcome is going to be and the scan itself is scary enough, the massive machine and the noisiness of it and being all alone in the machine, although my Mum always sits by my feet which is helpful because  I can see her, also I take a CD for them to play for me as they can put headphones on me, this helps me to chill out a bit but it's very hard to hear the music over the loudness of the machine, that thing is veryyyyy noisy (and annoying! -Especially when you're trying to listen to the music and all you can hear is the noises of the machine, I prefer Justin Bieber to you machine thing!) I guess I don't know what comes after that as it all depends on the outcome of the scan, I've just got to keep hoping for the best and try not to worry about anything although it can be very hard, but I've got a lot of support and I know I'll be fine.  Just hoping for the best now and we'll see how things turn out. 

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